is a long-established website since the year 1999,
providing various entertainment contents (about 40 in total) and has evolved
to become one of Japan's leading platform.
The membership has reached over 19 million users in 2015.

And now, Group has diversified both domestically and globally,
and expanded its services beyond the IT arena while reacting
to new business opportunities swiftly and flexibly.
Our services cover a broad range of areas: mobiles (SIM card provision for smartphones),
forex trading, online shopping, online games, 3D printing service, robot manufacturing,
English study programs,events managements, idols promotion, rental, solar panel, etc.

Major Service

Online Video Streaming Division

DMM provides online live performance streaming of AKB48 Group, and digital video distribution service for sale. Upcoming Anime, drama, popular idol movies, combat sports videos, music clips and a wide variety of video are available for download!

Service site(*Japanese Website)

Online Games Division entered into online game market in 2011.
We are publishers for games on 3 devices: mainly PC/SP(browser) and applications on iOS/Google Play, and these are all Free-to-play contents (F2P).
And now, DMM is actively expanding its platform overseas.

Service site(*Japanese Website)

FX Division

With the support of our clients, FX has the No.1 registered number of accounts in Japan.
All 20 currency pairs with the tightest spread standard are available; in addition, trust protection for full amount, and safe and secure trading environment with client money segregation are provided.
DMM offers an user-friendly trade system which makes trading easy and efficient, and 24 hours weekday customer support.

Service site(*Japanese Website)

Eikaiwa (English Conversation) Division – English Chat

No.1 customer satisfaction in the online English learning market.
Instructors are strictly selected and gathered from more than 60 countries.
As long as you have a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone supporting Skype, you can have English learning programs with reasonable price anywhere and anytime.
You won't shy away from speaking English anymore!

Service site(*Japanese Website)
  • E-book

    You can download popular comics and books to your computer or smartphone device for reading.
    These are available for 24 hours, and more than 10,000 comics and over 5,000 photo books are always in stock.

    Service site(*Japanese Website)
  • Online Catalogue Shopping

    DMM offers a wide variety of items such as DVD, Blu-ray, CD, books, games, etc. We are sure that you can absolutely find what you are looking for! Up to 27% off for new title DVDs and Blu-ray.

    Service site(*Japanese Website)
  • Solar Panels

    DMM has its own mega-solar panels / large-scale solar energy power plant (16 places in Japan) and sells the power to utility firms. Utilizing spaces corporates and local governments have, such as roofs and private land, DMM can place solar panels as requested. Applying the service can be not only simply electrical generation but also contribution to environmental preservation.

    Service site(*Japanese Website)
  • DMM mobile

    Providing SIM card
    Using a smartphone or tablet, you can use the Internet and make telephone calls with the minimum 440yen of monthly payment. DMM prepares a wide range of plans which are selectable depending on how you use the service.

    Service site(*Japanese Website)
  • DMM.make Robots

    We offer a platform of robot selling; the world's first robot carrier business.Imagine life with a robot, a new life where everyday is a happy, bright and enjoyable day.

    Service site(*Japanese Website)
  • DMM.yell

    It is a social media App connecting idols (both girls and boys) to their fans.Communicate with your favorite idols by flipping through their pictures, videos and post. Come on and give them a "Yell" !

    Service site(*Japanese Website)
  • Rent Anything Service

    Through the internet, you can rent items over 4,100 such as designer bags and dresses, and golf club set.
    In the near future, the trend will be renting instead of buying.
    100,000 people have used this service.

    Service site(*Japanese Website)
  • Public Betting

    You can purchase a Keirin (bicycle racing) lot over the Internet. Your 200yen can turn into billions!

    Service site(*Japanese Website)

DMM's Memberships and Sales

Company Profile

Name LLC
Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan(Reception: 24F)
Takanori Katagiri
17 November 1999
10 million
Fiscal Month
Employee number
1,650(Group total) Group

  • LLC
    System development, Network operation,Infrastructure provision, WEB marketing,Business planning and sales

  • Securities Securities Co.,Ltd
    Operation of FX &CFD

  • Override Override Co., Ltd
    Game production & operation, 2D/3D designing, Operation of game network infrastructure

  • Base Base Co., Ltd
    Logistics based on its own technical know-how, Accounting, Legal work (law-related tasks)

  • DMM.futureworks

    DMM. Futureworks Co., Ltd
    Content creation and video production for The DMM VR Theater (a theater specializing in 3DCG Holograms) , Operation of the facility